Vegan Hacks in julian

Ahhhh - the San Diego backcountry. Here you will find peace, tranquility, a slow pace of life and a lot of meat. So what's a vegan to do? Having lived in Julian since 2011, I've developed a few tricks. Here are my favorite vegan hacks in Julian! 

LAST UPDATED 5/2/19 - Please contact me with any updates or corrections!

The apples are all vegan. I've asked.

The apples are all vegan. I've asked.

Vegan friendly

Since I wrote this page, a few restaurants in town have really stepped up their vegan game. Please thank them for their vegan options! Hit the message home! Quecheo - our newest addition - has vegan entrees on their menu and Julian Beer Company has a vegan cheese! In addition, Jeremy’s on the Hill, Romano’s, Wynola Pizza and Juliantla Chocolate have been providing vegan menu options for years. Thank you everyone!




Soups and Such Cafe

Here you can order a beautiful avocado toast by assembling some sides. Toast, side of avocado and roasted red peppers and a side of potatoes. The coffee is great. The english muffins have whey.

Regulars Wanted

You’ll find potatoes and beans to make a tasty side dish for breakfast and some nice vegan sauce options. Their menu is well labeled with vegan items, though they are only side dishes. I believe you need to ask for the potatoes to be made without butter. There are vegan cookies and their espresso options can be topped with oat milk or almond milk.

Miner's Diner

The grilled onions and mushrooms are not made with butter but be sure to specify when you order. So for breakfast or lunch you can order avocado toast with grilled onions and mushrooms. I suggest ordering a double side of avocado. The breakfast potatoes are kinda like french fries and I love them. 



There are a surprising number of vegan options in town. Don't be fooled by all the veggie burgers. Only one is made without egg! 

Quecho Elevated Mexican Eatery

There wasn’t really a vegan contest per se but upon Quecho opening they have won it hands down. First of all their food is incredibly fresh and light. They have vegan entress available on the menu - platos de pappas with vegetables, street tacos with vegetables. You’ll need to specify no cheese to make sure it doesn’t receive its sprinkle, but the vegan dishes are top notch. I haven’t tried the salads yet. The pineapple guac is a meal of its own. But an amazing meal isn’t the same without a VEGAN DESSERT. That’s right - there is a restaurant in Julian with VEGAN DESSERT. You’ll need to leave off the sauces (chocolate and caramel) and order the COCONUT ICE CREAM, but you can eat the churros and the nachos. I’m dying over here. On top of this they have dairy free horchata, watermelon and jamaica agua frescas. So if you are looking for vegan lunch/dinner this is my #1 pick. PRO TIP: chill at the Blue Door winery, order and eat in the courtyard. (Then come into my shop and we can talk about how exciting it is to see COCONUT ICE CREAM on a menu in the backcountry!!!)

Heros Restaurant

Heros has the Impossible burger! But they don’t have vegan buns. But you can order a salad with the patty on it and its great!

Soups and Such Cafe

Veggie sandwich, no cheese with fries is great! There are a lot of delicious salads, but you'll need to knock off the meat and cheese. There are two vegan friendly soups daily. My favorite thing to do is a soup and salad combination. It is light and delicious.

Julian Beer Company

JBC has great pizza and has recently added vegan cheese to their menu! This is an amazing step for the back country, be sure to thank them! I like to build my own pizza with mushrooms, onions, balsamic drizzle and fresh basil. It is amazing. If you’re looking for a beer/cornhole environment, this is the right place. Live music sometimes as well!


A family run Sicilian/Italian restaurant with some yummy options. I did check to make sure their pasta does not contain egg.

I love the pasta primavera (say no parmesan, just in case). The veggie pizza without cheese is amazing. I prefer to change the toppings and they'll substitute them for you if you ask. The rolls are vegan too! Be sure to tell your server not to bring the giant dish of butter to the table.

Don't be too tempted by the veggie plate - the carrots are sautéed in butter and the sicilian rice has cheese. However, if you have a hankering for the cabbage from the plate its actually really tasty. 

The house salad comes with meat and cheese on it. Be sure to ask for none and extra veggies if you order this. Its still a great little salad. 

Miner's Diner

The grilled onions and mushrooms are not made with butter but be sure to specify when you order. So for breakfast or lunch you can order avocado toast with grilled onions and mushrooms. I suggest ordering a double side of avocado. The fries are great. The veggie burger is a morning star patty made with egg whites. 

Jeremy's on the Hill (Wynola) 

Jeremy's has a tempeh loaf on the menu that can be used in a quinoa bowl, on a burger or dinner plate. Hella vegan! Also while I’ve never ordered, I’ve heard their world famous brussel sprouts can be made vegan.

Wynola Pizza (Wynola)

They have a vegan pizza and it is great! Another option is to order the thai chicken pizza and sub tofu for the chicken, no cheese.

The pizza crust is vegan. You can also build your own pizza. They also have great salads. If you hit the right night you'll have live music or a comedian, too! Another option is to enjoy the hummus, be sure to say no dairy on the bread.

My current favorite is the Sumi salad. An asian slaw with ramen noodles and a rice vinaigrette on top. You might even find yourself topping your Thai pizza with this. Its an A+ combo.

Mr. Manitas (Wynola)

A great taco bar in the Julian Station. Everything can be made vegan. Just ask for grilled veggies and no dairy! The food here is mostly organic and totally delicious. 


PIE and more!

Juliantla Chocolate

Vegan pie, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and vegan chocolate - handmade by a local! 

Apple Alley

Vegan and gluten free pies for a double whammy! 

Eaglenest Bed and Breakfast

Jim and Julie go out of their way to accommodate their guests. Breakfast is included in your stay and they'll make yours vegan! They do their research too - black salt and nooch are in the kitchen. Plus you'll be checked in by their loving golden retrievers.

Wikiup Bed and Breakfast

Great folks who are also willing to go out of their way to make you a vegan breakfast!

To the Julian merchants - what your vegan customers want is a meal that is already vegan! When we have to remove meat and cheese we feel a little ripped off. Consider adding one or even an off menu meal. Let me know and I'll be sure to post it here.