Facial Toner

Facial Toner


Soothe and Tone Your Skin

Toner is an important step after cleansing your face (and after a great mask). It closes pores, removes excess dirt or soap and add lovely ingredients to your skincare routine. My toners are made with mostly organic ingredients and use high quality ingredients designed to nourish your skin. 

Choose the right toner for your skin type. Acne/Oily? Use the Balancing Toner. Dry, Sensitive or Delicate? Use the Soothing Toner. 

Your bottle of toner has wonderful ingredients to help soothe your skin! They don’t all stay mixed and some float to the top. I could use a chemical to keep everything mixed up, but I think shaking the bottle is a much better solution!

Shake it up and apply with a cotton swab after cleansing your face.


Soothing Toner

  • Organic Cucumber Water to soothe, reduce redness, puff and swelling.
  • Organic Jasmine Water an anti-inflammatory and to soothe sensitive skin.
  • Organic Witch Hazel Water well known as an excellent skin toner.
  • Organic Helichchrysum Water toning and healing properties as well as an antioxidant
  • Willow Bark Extract high in salicylic acid.
  • Alcohol-free.

Ingredients: Contains:  Waters of Jasmine (Jasminum sp)*, Cucumber* (Cucumis Sativus), Witch Hazel* (Hamamelis virginiana) and Helichrysum* (Helichrysum Italicum), Willow Bark Extract (Salix Nigra). Essential Oils of German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis), Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens L), Petitgrain (Citrus auratium), Lavender (Lavendula angustafolia), Frankincense (Botswellia Carterii). Leuconostock/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate. *Organic

Balancing Toner

  • Organic Lemongrass water has cleansing and anti-oxidant benefits. Also very uplifting!
  • Organic Sage water is known to balance oily skin.
  • Organic Witch Hazel well known as an excellent skin toner.
  • Willow Bark Extract high in salicylic acid.

Ingredients: Waters of Sage* (Salvia officinalis)*, Lemongrass* (Cymbopogon citratus) and Witch Hazel* (Hamamelis virginiana), Willow Bark Extract (Salix Nigra). Essential Oils of Cedarwood (Cedrus deodara), Lavender (Lavendula angustafolia), White Camphor (Cinnamomum Camphora), Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia),  Leuconostock/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate. *Organic 

4 oz. bottles

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