Pick any combination of 8 soaps below for your box! 

Name *
Colored with Bentonite Clay
Made with Irish Red Beer Essential Oils of Sage, Peppermint and Cedarwood with Red Kaolin Clay
colored with spirulina
Oils of Black Pepper, Juniper and Ho Wood - Colored with Activated Charcoal, White Kaolin Clay. In the future this will be a salt bar and possibly called "Salt and Pepper". Possibly.
Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils with Activated charcoal
This will delay the box 1 week!
with ground and whole oats
This will delay the box 1 week! Lime, Lavender and Peppermint colored with 3 types of clay.
This is the soap coming in the club box.
coconut milk blended with copaiba essential oil - a lingering coconut scent, minimal copaiba scent, but sure to be a great bar for sensitive skin
Colored with madder root powder
Patchouli, Cedarwood and Amyris essential oils blended with red kaolin clay
A blend of lemongrass, eucalyptus and patchouli, rice powder topped with hibiscus leaves. Not sure if I'm keeping the name but I'm for sure keeping the soap! This will be in your double box if you are getting both. LIMIT ONE!